Skarpt läge 2

Brev från IBA:s generalsekreterare till alla medlemsnationer. 
USA ut från boxningsgemenskapen, vilket innebär att snart ryker Sverige också.
Ställ SBF:s ledning till svars.
De som förlorar på det här är alla utövare.

To the attention of the National Federations members of the IBA
Lausanne, 26 April 2023
US Boxing - Termination of membership from IBA
Dear National Federation Members,
This is to inform you and, as you may be already aware from the media, of the termination of the US Boxing
membership with IBA according to article 12 of the IBA Constitution.
This termination of membership is an immediate reaction to the filing of the IBA's complaint with the BIIU
Tribunal for US Boxing's violation of Article 40 of the Disciplinary and Ethical Code, amongst others, by
joining the unrecognised parallel association World Boxing.
Although, IBA sincerely regrets US Boxing's decision to separate from IBA, we have taken due note of their
decision and US’ resignation will take effect immediately pursuant to article 12.3 (a) of the IBA Constitution.
The aforementioned means that the National Boxing Federation of US and all its members, including
Officials (Referees and Judges) and Team Officials (Coaches and Boxers) are prohibited from having any
relationship with IBA and from participating in any of its competitions enshrined in IBA Constitution and IBA
Technical and Competition Rules.
Please note that the US Boxing’s decision is not only hurting all their affiliates who will not be able to take
part in our competitions, but also all our boxing community who is prevented to share the events with them
and increase the level of the boxing family.
Having said the abovementioned, we expect that all of you remain committed to the objectives and mission
of IBA, continue to attend all our events and respect our Constitution and Regulations for a better boxing.
In this respect, we kindly ask you to refrain from any communication with US Boxing and any member of
the so-called World Boxing.
Yours faithfully,
[George Yerolimpos, IBA Secretary General & CEO]